UV Protective Pool and Outdoor Shades in Brisbane

Beautiful weather protection solutions.

You only need to take a walk around Brisbane to see how great Shade Design Australia's shade solutions really are.

Pool shades

This product is ideal for around the home. Parents are very aware of the dangers that harmful UV rays can cause and we can shade areas around and over pools for their kids. Any type of structure can be used and kids will be protected when playing.

Covered parking/Carports

These cantilever carport structures are perfect for any home. We can tailor one or more sails to suit your home, office, schools and parking areas.

We can give you a cost effective shape you seek which will add distinction and value to your property in Brisbane.

Protect your car

Shade your car from UV rays and harsh elements with outdoor shades solutions from Shade Design Australia in Brisbane.


This product is ideal for schools and daycare centres. Today's parents will sometimes prefer to choose schools with covered or shaded playgrounds for their kids to protect them from UV rays. Any type of structure can be used.

Get more playtime on the play sets, keep the kids protected and get more enrolments with our shade solutions!